Colin Hill (Dip.T TTC, Australia)

Australian born, Colin is a performer and qualified school teacher with more than 40 years of experience. Colin has toured the world with his own original band, as well as tribute and events bands.

Colin now teaches private academic and music lessons and plays regular live shows with his band The Colin illy Hill Band on the island of Phuket. Colin is a specialist Guitar and Bass teacher, and holds an Australian Diploma of Teaching.


Luisa Scarpa (Diploma in Music Teaching, RSL UK)

Luisa is a professional singer and educator from South Africa where she received a diploma in Secondary Education (Physical Education and Technical Drawing) from Kwa-Zulu University in 1999. Luisa began teaching in 2004, specializing in music, physical education, ESL, health, social care and environmental education. She has taught in England and Thailand and has a variety of experience in government and temple schools, as well as international schools and private teaching.

Music has always played a dominant role in Luisa’s life. Besides classical training in voice and piano, Luisa is also self-taught on guitar. Vocals are her forte, though, as she has been singing professionally for over nineteen years. Her band “3SM” had great success in South Africa with many performances in Durban playing original music and placing second at the prestigious Splashy Fen Music Festival in 1998. Since 2004 Luisa has been performing in Thailand as a vocalist and guitarist at many major hotels as well as at charity and corporate events for Wave Entertainment. Her vocals reveal her love for harmony and expression as well as her skills in many languages and musical styles.

Luisa is a vibrant teacher who specializes in vocals (both melodic and harmonic), beginner piano, theory, basic rhythm guitar and percussion. She is also a skilled choral and band conductor. Through her philosophy of teaching Luisa proudly supports sustainability, sound environmental practice, community contributions and kindness to all. Luisa is delighted to promote positive life choices for herself and her students and believes that music education holds the key to a fulfilling lifestyle.


Rianne Davies

Rianne is a talented young musician from Bangkok Thailand. She has completed multiple certificate courses in drumming through the Yamaha Music Foundation, Bangkok Drum Society and RockSchool UK, and is furthering her education through RockSchook UK in vocals, piano, theory and guitar.

Rianne is the drummer and co-vocalist with her band Fake Smiles. With her previous band Legends of Siam, she achieved much success with them, winning Battle of the Young Bands twice. They opened for Thai legends Job2Do, Paradox, Modern Dog and Hugo, and have a music video licensed to Hard Rock Café internationally. In 2015 the band recorded and released their debut album. With her new band Fake Smiles, she has released an album and plays live.

One of her passions is teaching, and Rianne teaches beginner vocals, guitar and piano as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced drums. She forms strong bonds with her students and is able to inspire them to have fun and enjoy their music education.


Mike Mitchell

Mike is a multi-instrumentalist from Australia. He specialises in teaching Piano, Drums and Bass. He also teachers beginner Violin and Saxophone.

Mike was raised in a musical family. Taking up drums at the age of 4 and piano at the age of 6, by the age of 8 Mike was already performing in bands with musicians more than twice his age.

Mike studied music while in the Australian military, and received a Musician of the Year award during his time there. He also received an Musician of the Year award from Boosey & Hawkes, and obtained certification from the Sydney University in Live Sound Engineering.

Mike has played on some of the largest and most famous stages in the world with Eagles and Bee Gees Tribute shows. He is also an accomplished songwriter and studio musician.