We will be a world-class leader in every aspect of our business at every level; in our management and teaching performance; in the way we impart skills, encourage, and support our students.


We will take personal responsibility for our actions and we will treat everyone fairly and with trust and respect.


We will strive for continuous quality improvement in all that we do, so that we will rank among the world’s premier performing arts educators in student, employee, and community satisfaction.

Student satisfaction

Happy and satisfied students are essential to our success. We will achieve total student satisfaction by understanding the student’s personal requirements and delivering it flawlessly.

People working together

We recognize our strength and our competitive advantage is and always will be – people. We will continually learn, and share, ideas and knowledge. We will encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in our company.

A diverse and involved team

We value the skills, strengths, and perspectives of our diverse team. We will foster a participatory workplace that enables people to be involved in making decisions about their work.

Good corporate citizenship

We will provide a safe workplace and protect the environment. We will work with our community by volunteering our time and talent and by financially supporting education and other worthy causes.

Enhancing shareholder value

Our business must be commercial, and we must generate returns on the assets entrusted to us