Q. How do I register?
A. E-mail the academy at [email protected] or you can reach us by phone at +66 (0) 84 304 2587. If you would like to register in person please contact us by phone or email to book an appointment.

Q. What are my payment options?
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

Q. What should students wear to lessons?
A. We recommend that students wear comfortable clothing for all classes. We recommend long hair is to be tied back.

Q. What should students bring to lessons?

– any music books/folder/sheet music
– instrument
– a recording device (ipad, laptop, iphone, digital voice recorder) OR a USB stick

Q. If lessons don’t work out, can I get my money back?
A. We have a one month notice policy for cancelling classes. This means that any fees after your notice period will be refunded. So you only pay for the classes up until you give notice plus the one month. You may continue to take classes during the notice period if you like.

Q. In the event that PAPA has to cancel a lesson, will I get my money back?
A. If the teacher cancels a lesson, a makeup lesson will be offered.

Q. If a student is sick or has to miss a lesson, can we cancel and make up the lesson at a later date?
A. Students who have missed an individual lesson are entitled to attend the weekly group make up class. This is a weekly class where teachers will be on hand to lead students of all ages and abilities to play together in a group.

Q. I am an adult interested in taking lessons. Am I too old to learn an instrument?
A. It’s never too late! PAPA offers lessons for students of all ages.

Q. How many classes should students take each week?
A. This is completely based on individual interest and how much students feel they can handle. Parents know their children best and if you think they have the interest, time and energy to take more than one class per week, then we would be happy to discuss the best combination of programs with you. For example, taking a voice lesson and a piano lesson, is a very common scenario starting at age 9. There are also students who take classes in the same instrument twice a week to increase their proficiency in that discipline. We can very easily help you select individualized programming for your child based on age, strengths and interests.

Q. Are parents allowed to sit in on private lessons?
A. While we recommend that parents be involved in their child’s music education, studies have shown that children concentrate less when their parents are present in the class. Thus we do not recommend this.

Q. As a parent, how can I be involved in enhancing my child’s music learning experience?
A. We find that students are most successful when they set aside a specific, scheduled time each day to practice. Whilst our teachers are able to teach them new notes, scales and techniques, students will progress extremely slowly without the parent ensuring that sufficient practice is done.

Q. How do I help my child practise at home?


-Provide a quiet area free of distractions
-Make it part of your daily routine
-Try to have your child practise at the same time each day, if possible
-Encourage your child to do a small demonstration for you at the end of the practise period.
-Praise your child when they practise even if it’s not perfect. Positive reinforcement is always welcome!
-Offer a small reward at the end of a successful week of practice

Q. How long should a child practise each day?

A. This will largely depend on the temperament of your child and the goals he/she wishes to achieve. You want to instill a love of music and if it becomes a chore or a battle it will not be enjoyable for them (or you). Here’s what is recommended by age:

5-6 years old = 5 – 10 minutes
7- 8 years old – 10 – 15 minutes
9-11 = 20 minutes
12-14 = 30 – 40 minutes
15-17 = 40 – 60 minutes

Remember that these are guidelines only. Use your best judgement.

Q. Does PAPA offer a recital?
A. An annual student recital will be held each year in May/June.

Q. What sets PAPA apart from other music studios?
A. PAPA is a specialty music facility. We are dedicated to providing the highest level education to students on the island of Phuket.

PAPA employs music teachers that also have vast experience in live performance and music recording. We have a warm, family-friendly atmosphere and play an active role in the community.